Exploring the earth one trail at a time.

Do you have IT?

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, “That person has…IT?” They seem to have it all together, they have a successful career, they have a nice house and they have good kids. All those things that go through your mind when you meet someone or know someone like this. They just have “IT”.  […]

I Will

I will, I will…be more patient. I will…be more humble. I will…be more optimistic. I will…be a better communicator. I will…be better about raising my voice in anger. I will…be better about helping others in need. I will…be better about helping the meek and lowly. I will…be a better friend and neighbor. I will…be a […]

Tangled Trees

Our house backs up to Corps of Engineer land that contains many trees.  I often sit outside in the back gazing out over the trees and forest, watching the birds, squirrels, and other wildlife frolic around, digging for food, and jumping from tree to tree seeming to play with one another in what must be […]